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September 18, 2018 / barton smock

separations for unlikeness

tell me again
how it is
that dream
tooth decay
in angels / why it is

that I can hear
in the darkroom
the ghost

of weeping

/ when it was they found the suckling

and not the bones
of a wave

September 18, 2018 / barton smock

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Anna Meister’s As If:

As If – poems – Anna Meister

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Bombing The Thinker – poems – Darren C Demaree

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September 17, 2018 / barton smock

As If – poems – Anna Meister


As If
poems, Anna Meister
Glass Poetry, 2018


“…I have given myself permission to be

a monster in little ways.” -Anna Meister

As if thumb wars are underway in some temple where the many seek the blessing of forgetfulness, poet Anna Meister tasks the written word to offer a oneness by which a reader can map the interior of any lateness a person may come to in order to dwell upon things unnamed. With its full-bodied interruptions and without decoration, As If is a restorative condemnation commemorated by the local uplift of its verse. It creates, in form, a ghosted extra and summons answer from the echo of its ask. As these are entries of where that give a future to when, the work itself becomes a telling that grows in the story, that speaks to remain untouched.


reflection by Barton Smock


book is here:

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September 16, 2018 / barton smock

owl blue

a baby
teaching a baby
to forgive, a birthmark

as it prays
for bite, the future

that moans
for god- and.

my half-eaten son.

the hole in his sleep.
his pawprint ears.

September 14, 2018 / barton smock

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September 14, 2018 / barton smock

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6/15/18 release announcement for Heather Minette’s Half Light:

We at {isacoustic*} have yet to find our way, but we are humbled and happy to release and announce the publication of Half Light by Heather Minette. Please consider getting a copy…it is such a great book. I believe in it like I believe in belief.



in the doing of a thing there is often a lull and in that lull a curvature of worry that perhaps something has too quickly taken shape and so one might be led to explore creating, not to make, but to evoke and I will attempt, here, to do that and hope it is a space that takes up only its own.

September 14, 2018 / barton smock

separations for unlikeness

apparition, or mom
at her most forgetful.

mouth, a shapeshifter’s
chew toy
as a belly button
and babied
by grief.

face, face.