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August 11, 2017 / barton smock

{LAITY, thing, form}

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full length collections:

[surprise for me a crow]
104 pages
published January 2017

[name calling]
110 pages
published March 2017

[paw five]
130 pages
published May 2017

[L A I T Y]
116 pages
published August 2017


combined and selected collections:

[pictures of god don’t sell]
378 pages
published December 2016

(newer poems and poems selected from ~eating the animal back to life~, as well as collections ~depictions of reentry~ and ~hick lore rabbit hole~ in full)

[the boy who touched all the eggs]
258 pages
published June 2017

(a combined publication of three previous works ~surprise for me a crow / name calling / paw five~ as well as some newer poems)


note: all book previews on site are books in their entirety. will send free hard copy of any work to any person interested in writing a review- make request to


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