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August 9, 2017 / barton smock

{soon. ly.}

some poems:


kid says dad I love monsters and starts crying and it still kills me how I thought for so long that people in movies were put there to keep tabs on their abusers and how that kind of thinking made my brother cut his hair so more hair could find him and he’d pile the hair and tell it not to worry because the dark will come for its doll and then mom would show up with a vacuum or sometimes a trash bag no matter where we were in our lives and she’d be as quiet as a mirror or a young boy excited to see his back



we are no longer sought, brother, by the aliens of our youth. a good day has both anthill and sex shop. the future comes to the same people. touch is the mirror that named our dogs.



the missing apple. the hole in my cheek. the evidence that freed hunger. the calmest child whose silence left the church. the many barns of the stripper’s bloodied horse. the scarecrow praying for a bad back. the one-eyed grief counselor. the past. our faith in rehearsal.


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