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July 25, 2017 / barton smock


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recent self published books:

[the boy who touched all the eggs]

[depictions of reentry]


recent readings both lonely and badly lit:




some poems:

[entries for transformation]


is there blood in something born outside,

a history that works in one ear?


time touches nothing. is the sex of my bruise

/ a scar


[somebody kiss]

place a wet diaper on a skateboard and send the skateboard across a non-busy street. we call this summer. the older kids arrange on a stretcher the pieces of a woman’s bathing suit. the older kids come for the skateboard. our tortured turtle is bad with names. the tractor has yet to reach the deer. this is also summer. the orphan keeps two diaries.


[boy and breath]

as a stick figure on a forgotten gurney dreams of one day washing a flower or of drying a wet bird, I run the bath to put the tub to sleep then use my body to bury the water.


[entries for footprint]

mom is talking to her wounds. dear baby I don’t have to carry. dear purse I don’t have to fill. her dolls draw blood and her animals say goodbye. there’s no substitute for loneliness. memory knows more than what happened. dad is an oil slick seducing a satellite. his dolls eat pillows.



it reads and feels nothing. a reminder’s footnote.

memory forgets its hermit father

& painters
go bald.

a mother says little.

each cigarette
has its own
language, this match

the pen
of the afterlife.

give prognosis its non-crying baby.


*also, said some things, recently, here:


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