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June 13, 2017 / barton smock



still have two privately self-published chapbooks {BASILISK; the accepted field} available in hard copy and free to anyone making said request to


most recent full-length collections:

{name calling}

9.00, 110 pages, published March 2017


{paw five}

9.00, 130 pages, published May 2017


a poem from {name calling}:

[the boy-sleep of his hands]

/ a pair of scissors in one room or a gun in two. a thumb war’s lame spider. four rootless prayers drawn on an echo. four awestruck sisters caressing with their ears the undeveloped skull of an infant. melancholy’s condoms. flowers for the arm-wrestler’s inoculated phantom.


two poems from {paw five}:


dog whistle, nothing’s church-bell:

my mother, handcuffed
still worships


[mothers, acoustic]

we are maybe
an Ohio

childless and ready

for a refresher
on orphan

word is
there came
a cow

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