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May 2, 2017 / barton smock

{other. ly.}

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titles, mine & self-published, are here:


some recent poems:

[otherhood (i)]

loneliness the born artifact of my father’s rented dream. god the hobby of replaced machines. forgiveness the eldest stowaway and mistress of the seasick hologram. the monster you became to attain formlessness. mom a rabbit. her dying frog. hunger erased by what it loves.


[otherhood (ii)]

it is not real, of course

the trailer park
on fire, the accepted


without us



a creatureless forest
in the minds
of men
with shovels; a field.

/ birth outgrew its crooked coat



like you
my memory



dog whistle, nothing’s church-bell:

my mother, handcuffed

still worships


[we got our hands on some fingerprints and did not feel poor]

the invisible man’s ghost, them polaroids

of sister’s

dream differently, microphone


[god and time are the same age]

a child, an oven

how both


[god is silent in every language]

mom is driving. mom is washing the spider that closed her mouth. sister has a stick of gum but says she doesn’t. dad is half-asleep and cutting the fingernails of the babies he dropped. there’s a scab on my arm that looks like my brother’s nose. we pass church after church. sound horn for buried bees.


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