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April 26, 2017 / barton smock

{had you liked}


it is not a great deal, but Lulu is offering 10% of all print books today with coupon code of LULU10

mine, self-published, are here at something strangely named an ‘author spotlight’:

note: book previews on site are books entire. will send free PDF to anyone requesting, and free hard copy of any available title to anyone interested in writing a review. (such requests can be made to

also, I still have copies of a privately self-published chapbook, {BASILISK}, free upon request made to



a reading from my collection {depictions of reentry}

some words by Kazim Ali on my collection {eating the animal back to life}


some poems, recent:



in my plainness a seesaw

in her dream jaw her dreamboat’s jawbone

in our daily belly

in the church of rolling our own
a film
a film

in a rug made of bread a tooth made of bread

in mannequins where small things kneel that are living

in claw-marks and in jigsaws of the crucifixion


crows balloons of the strangled



poetry and suicide
the two left feet
of a child
forced to play
a waste
of strangeness


[hills and stars]

for her date with the giant, mom is putting on her face. our time, invisible chameleon, is over.

brain of a white mouse.



it is common for the male cannibal to carry the skin of the due child

fasting is a sin and starvation a commandment

orphans are given home movies and edible pillows

language is a head
we bring it cake


[dying at home]

bring little, for I am a small room.

my clothes are yours and have always been lonely.

from nowhere
came beauty
to avoid

bruise, ye
from nightgown
to blanket.

be kind, history

to those
in my dream.


[ribbon on a blindfold]

is death’s



pain a shadow’s bed-hopping rain puddle

a boy
in a homesick



is voice
the shadow
of song

whose blood
has feathers


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  1. barton smock / Apr 27 2017 12:39 pm

    Reblogged this on kingsoftrain and commented:

    reblogging as today Lulu is offering 25% off all print books with coupon code of LULU25

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