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April 21, 2017 / barton smock

{misc annihilation}

am reblogging as today Lulu is offering 15% off all print books and also free ground shipping with coupon code of SHIPSAVE17


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as drawn, the boy’s
alien and cow
evoke rescue

dream: a toothless sheepdog is spooning roadkill in a wax museum dedicated to famine

go on, birth
take silence
from a baby


dream: a contortionist on a stretcher

at a tortoise


you drive a clown car into a crowd
it is how you mourn
the accidental burning
of a doll’s
and this I understand
as a city
kind of thing
as a way to eat
among friends
from a stomach
a way to lose
blood’s password
in bread


the present happens at different times. fetus, comma, tadpole. surgery, please tell this mask

my face went down on nothingness.





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