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April 21, 2017 / barton smock


some recent and not so:

[the butcher]

most babies here are born without a trigger finger.

but some
get through.


[themes for arrowhead]

if the damn thing is a boy, let it have a knot in its stomach. if it’s not one twin, it’s another. if a girl, find a woman who’s been to nothing and back.

bring me a fat tick from the dog of baptism. owl from the hair of god.


[background stories]

in one car, a baby with a staring problem is on hour number three. in another, my sister takes photos of her dog. dying is a chew toy. be as unmoved as your attackers.


[the father]

I am walking up a hill the dark is trying to move. my mother has a way with words. my mother has a baby. reading is a kind of crying. the baby is crying because the baby has lost track of something that possesses nearness. there are two babies. one is always blind and one is blind when it eats. never lose a tooth you can swallow.



the girl who cries wolf
cries wolf
to three men
whose sons
are dead


[attic radio]

the fattest baby in the nursing home can’t chew with its eyes open.

it’s a slow day.

looking into the future
a skeleton’s
sees only

the robot’s


[church notes]

yeah madness had a motorcycle
for every


[babies in the home]

where is bird


do zombie



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