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March 17, 2017 / barton smock


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selected and combined works, Dec 2016 [pictures of god don’t sell]:


reading from Oct 2016 collection [hick lore rabbit hole]:


some poems from whenever:

[bring roach]

how long might satellites mourn? sickness took the lord. a scarecrow the pulse of a cricket.

not every image was worth the effort.


[sad how]

before the feast
there is one
the doll’s



the wolf in stork’s nightmare
speaks dolphin

what do I miss

my blood
your collection
of pea-sized



[void notes]

/ is here that our dreams of incarceration begin to overlap


[devil notes]

/ horns make zero sense to the boy tossing horseshoes at a rain puddle


[the exact]

father became the man his possession foreshadowed. mom had a purse full of spoons. brother bathed any form quiet enough to make the kitchen sink. I began to believe. I began to hear in the rock

the thorn
it spoke for. over the nest of a bird,

the nothing to eat.


[meditations on hosanna]

the sleepwalker and the hangman jumping rope in the town of the sheepish tornado where the church of two birds admits the child of the expat exile into the afterlife of a stone…


[will miss]

/ the unique stagger
in Ohio

/ a god
slow to pray
for the magician’s
loss / the fog’s


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