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March 1, 2017 / barton smock


25% off all Lulu print books today with coupon code of BIGMAR25

mine, here:

* all book previews on site are the viewed book in its entirety. will send free PDFs per request. also, all titles will be sent free in hard copy to those interested in writing a review. inquire, request, here: or


most recent work:

hick lore rabbit hole
124 pages
published October 2016


pictures of god don’t sell
378 pages
published December 2016


surprise for me a crow
104 pages
published January 2017


NOTE: I have a privately self-published chapbook {BASILISK} that I am making available for free from now through the end of March by request only. if interested, one can provide me with a physical mailing address via message here or to

as my brothers tie me to the world, the mailing of the chapbook will also include a short work by one NC Smock, one of said brothers. it is here:


also, I recently reviewed They Were Bears (Sundress Publications, 2017) by Sarah Marcus, here:


poems, from now:

[keening (x)]

this was in my dream. and this. and she was there and she has two kids, a boy and a girl, and a husband, there he his, who’s killed himself. I kept saying, after every thought, behold. went home with a woman who insisted she was born pregnant. slept like a wolf addicted to car alarms. saw the saddest foodfight.

[keening (xi)]

the man lives in his car and his children live in a store that’s out of everything. his dog has forgotten how to eat. things are on what any good god would call a collision course. he shows me nude photos he says he can’t look at until he knows for sure that the people in them are somewhere naked. he wants me to work on writing with a sense of place. not me, he says. move grief.


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