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January 20, 2017 / barton smock

{pictures of god don’t sell / surprise for me a crow}

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[pictures of god don’t sell]

[surprise for me a crow]


poems from {pictures of god don’t sell}:

[themes for arrowhead]

if the damn thing is a boy, let it have a knot in its stomach. if it’s not one twin, it’s another. if a girl, find a woman who’s been to nothing and back.

bring me a fat tick from the dog of baptism. owl from the hair of god.



I put my sense
of taste
behind me
by placing
a sick child
beside one

a crow is not a star.

is the salt
of now.



poverty, father, mother:

/ someone
at this table
has nothing
to hide

/ touching
can cure

/ open the stomach of the winning monster


[attic radio]

the fattest baby in the nursing home can’t chew with its eyes open.

it’s a slow day.

looking into the future
a skeleton’s
sees only

the robot’s


[white mother]

the holder
of stomachs

the doll
of a depressed



sister has her tail

his paints…

satan’s baby can clap underwater


poems from {surprise for me a crow}:

[bring spoon]

dream won’t have me

kid says
they eat
the extras

of silent


[bring roach]

how long might satellites mourn? sickness took the lord. a scarecrow the pulse of a cricket.

not every image was worth the effort.


[zoo notes]

under hypnosis the boy becomes nostalgic for its opposite. we are having for the hole in your brother a funeral. at sea the haunted cage. in a fish the robot’s rib.


[void notes]

/ is here that our dreams of incarceration begin to overlap


[their language]

clown fog, road head, gas mask

I can work
with anyone

two boats
per animal, horror

is dead
but had

a farm


[country more]

as if night
knows when
to sleep


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