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January 18, 2017 / barton smock


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my most recent…is [pictures of god don’t sell]…December 2016…selections from previous collection ‘eating the animal back to life’, collections ‘depictions of reentry’ and ‘hick lore rabbit hole’ in full, and newer poems…link below:


recent and not so recent poems:


wrapped head-to-toe in toilet paper, he’d still ask for a cigarette. does this kid scream suicide to you? it’s not sexual. the name of my animal

is shape. remember the face we saw in the bruise?


[minutes with my son]

a harp
is the imaginary
a spider
in the clockmaker’s



I am the weakest person my brothers don’t know. I go with them under a blanket we won’t all come out of. hell of a word, hovercraft, but not a sucker for meaning. god torches the bathroom then speaks farmhouse to the father of the accident that never happened. I have a tooth or two knocked in by a footprint. a tick I call dust.



disappearance, firecracker
you never
get past it.

in the angel’s book on animal visitation

a deaf clown
a flower.



all things fish, I suspect, have forgotten to worship the devil.

/ riggers of cow-country staring contests. bread’s ruin.



her child
in a lifeboat
after egg, her memory

that dream
to which
the hangman
his word


[no wolf]

I was a doorstep baby and brother a treehouse.

moon of the injured. moon of the blind.



the nude’s failure to stay awake in a laundromat. the suicide of the copycat toddler. nine types of catfish. a worm’s tongue. god’s last name. the orphan’s timekiller.

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