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December 9, 2016 / barton smock


hick lore rabbit hole:

pictures of god don’t sell:



by the time god gives you a daughter
he’s already met
the one person
in the crowd
he can make

older now, sadder

I admire


[her faith]

motion detectors
on the loss
of imagination

the dream
of its fame

the toy exile of a lightning storm

the scene

pastoral, deadpan

in mom’s
blue streak

by what
she ate



run the disposal for the fat-handed man who’s heard himself think. worship the out-of-body mother as you would a curfew from your past. ghost for angel.



it’s enough to give a ghost amnesia, snow like this. we’re pretending to look for his daughter while sharing what he calls a milkman’s cigarette. throw a brick, say touchdown. I might have worked for a mirror. I don’t know where we are or how old his daughter is. lamb of the bunch. blood’s haircut.

[devotions for pilot]

historically, it has gone this way

the present, my lap



[bring roach]

how long might satellites mourn? sickness took the lord. a scarecrow the pulse of a cricket.

not every image was worth the effort.




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