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December 8, 2016 / barton smock

{free men find animal}

on recent work, mine:

Review of infant*cinema by Barton Smock ~Emma Hall


on recent work, others:

Nothing Good Ever Happens After Midnight, poems, Sarah Marcus, GTK Press

marshland moon, poems, Eleanor Gray, Dink Press


where, recently, mine:

depictions of reentry by barton smock



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some, here:


pain is under the impression it’s on the move.

the brain
a fire
that cannot

in a world of non-competitive
I show my son
how to waste
his hand
on the hand

that called away




it was born in a bath of milk when there was milk to burn. it drew with daylight. when asked for details, it pulled a shadow’s tooth. we took it to a movie, a war movie, where it made its first noise. its pain went everywhere. it sold, it sold until it ran out of clothes. its mothers had fight.



your attacker has a history of being baptized. identifies as male. was found hallucinating in a movie theater run by his father. we shot him not knowing he’d already been. his mother says his stutter is an act. she is what we call empty inside. you look like your father.


[childlike answer]

I am made mostly of trying to find my way back to bread


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  1. raxtusdragon / Dec 8 2016 4:57 pm

    Amazing title

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