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November 10, 2016 / barton smock

{hick and lore and rabbit}

15% off all print books today with coupon code of READSAVE15

my most recent self-published collection [hick lore rabbit hole], is here:

*book preview on site is book entire

**currently, I am able to provide some hard copies for free to those who contact me first at, or on facebook, or on tumblr

here are some recent poems, not found in the collection:


by the time god gives you a daughter
he’s already met
the one person
in the crowd
he can make

older now, sadder

I admire



we wrestle sometimes in the junkyard over who gets to guard the lullaby machine. we share an image of our father making a throwing motion while above a necksick dog. of our mother dropkicking a pumpkin to egg on the nothing y’all can come and get. we aren’t close but chew together loudly and lip-synch the hymns we know. spiders forget the sea.



we’re not allowed to be in the house past a certain time. we read in tongues from the book of that’s how babies disappear. we hide the insomniac’s handsoap. our fathers do impressions. our mothers the bulk of the digging. we waste little. blood, paint. from our dream supply.


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