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November 3, 2016 / barton smock

{low energies}

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my most recent self-published {hick lore rabbit hole} is here:


poems, from:


a mongrel circles the stump of a tree. a spider from the angel’s dream goes on to spin a caterpillar. mom slips in and out of pregnancy. it’s my first time hearing a groundhog hate itself. you won’t crawl to anyone you haven’t seen swim.



brother Abel
the original

metal plate
the mirror’s

the treehouse and the crucifixion.


sister she’d overeat

and draw
all night
the adventures
of the subway



a bird watches my brother eat a parrot

my new diet requires me to have
the same

language is a broom

between the legs of a showered orphan
is a sponge

from the story of her stomach’s exile



an orange cat
the earth, this

my dad’s

and this, the nail’s:

a palm print
on the hoarder’s

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