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October 27, 2016 / barton smock

{you can be. tired.}

hole / poems, barton smock, October 2016

is here:

as always, free hard copy to any person interested in writing a review

free PDF can be requested via contacting

book preview on site is book entire

**currently, 20% off all print books, there, with coupon code of SAVVYREADER

***if you tell a friend, the friend you tell can be imaginary


some poems, from:

[no wolf]

I was a doorstep baby and brother a treehouse.

moon of the injured. moon of the blind.


[his impressions of the experiment]

my closest frat brother looks at the toad and says frog motherfucker. tackles me. fact: there is a certain kind of toad that by staying still can kill a drug dog. in this country, a man can sell doves from the back of a white van. a man can run out of doves. my ghost is obsessed with caterpillars. it doesn’t matter what you say. they found that woman.


[her impressions of the experiment]

his animals hiccup somewhere within the contagious yawns of god. his tumor is the crow of the ocean. the foot they hope to find me with is not yet purple. I shred a tiny pillow but your baby ain’t blind.


[circa (xii)]

the human dream

god’s attempt at a short story

the animal


/ the elephant
in its ruin
takes up
for whale

yeah, it rains here

adult diapers
are fishhook

/ tell your sister
nothing happened
to mine


[circa (xx)]

to the man whose face can do things mine cannot, I give my son.

silence has no creator. pictures

of god
don’t sell.


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