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October 26, 2016 / barton smock

{edits, recent and not so, &}

recent poems:


gather facts
for loss
and sons
gather facts
for loss



infant, the sooner
than expected
for god.

I have this baby I’m not afraid to use.

you pretend to shoot
and I’ll pretend
to fall. we’ll make a day

of never talking.

the missing crow of thorns.


[swimmer of the blue snow]

a bowl of soup bleeds to death
in the eatery
of my praying


[exit wound]

coming up
we are
with names
for time



I am with my wife and son and we are drinking from the shell of a turtle a soup the locals use to dilute a rain’s grief. I kind of know that something bad is going to happen to both twins. my wife is looking for a wheelchair and then for a place to hide it. my son is saying grace in the only spot he’ll ever be. some of his white pills turn blue as a laugh track denies three times the thunder’s loss.

/ barn etiquette. the rabbit

the volcano’s


[no after]

and what would you have me imagine? a change of tense in a tale of abuse. a baby licking the palm of a doll. a spoon. a robot’s broken arm. a chalk outline of a worm. hunger’s tacklebox. our allergic sister’s suicide note. a calf eating its first canary.



the nude’s failure to stay awake in a laundromat. the suicide of the copycat toddler. nine types of catfish. a worm’s tongue. god’s last name. the orphan’s timekiller.


older poems:

[possum & moth]

dad is trying to load bullets into a flashlight. his tv show is having trouble sleeping. mom wants us to drink the water while it’s hot. myself I’ve heard horror stories about pissing in the baby pool. I tell my brother having a fever is alot like giving god a blowjob. sister opens the oven for a doll she thought would be taller. we like you but not when you’re lonely.


[On my father being gay]

a crow
born inside
a footstep
is passing
for dark


[plain sight]

a hearse emerging from the shadow of a school bus

/ a mother
to return
a baptized

/ that poorly
bait shop


newest self-publication:

~hick lore rabbit hole~

~poems, barton smock, 124 pages, 9.00
~October 2016

available here:


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