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August 5, 2016 / barton smock


[depictions of reentry], poems, barton smock, 146 pages, Aug 2016

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poems, from:

~depictions of reentry (xi)

and in dreaming
of what to use
for its body
and its blood

the devil

to starve / when it snowed
it snowed

on a tooth / this was in

the same

where brothers

with hiccups

of hide-and-seek

/ anyway, sister said the crow had it coming

and I made this face we called

as a boy
a star…

~depictions of reentry (xii)

mom needs a jar of jelly to call the priest. try as he might, my brother can’t seem to get his tongue stuck to the oven door. my hands are here to hide the fact I’m wearing gloves. dad snaps three pictures before passing out. the voodoo dolls of my invisible babies have passed each other underground. I am thinking of things you can do.

~depictions of reentry (xiii)

a suicide
from my past,

a surprise
for death…

/ if I lose my voice long enough
will they let me
the mask

~depictions of reentry (xiv)

the newborn
yawns, reveals

to be
a biter

I don’t
in my sleep
do anything

let alone

it’s hell on an image

the mirror’s


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