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July 29, 2016 / barton smock


older poems


[dream’s fossil]

dear eggshell belly. dear mother. dear church of my father’s owl. dear Ohio. dear owl the deaf bee’s church.


[the lost]

before it is dark enough to carry the television into the forest and leave it, a mother checks the oven for her loaf of black bread. her overseas child follows a dead fly to another dead fly and so on. her sensitive brother turns over in his grave to be on all fours. her wiser husband rips the cord from the base of the television and uses it to whip the basement door. when the door opens, any dog will do.


[men hermetic]

the crow
the fine print
of nowhere.

the bomb shelter
the rumored locale
of a mother’s
laundry room.

the bare cross
the teething
a baby
for the neck
of the woman
for her junk
to fall.

the mare
the anxious


[cessation psalm]

the less said about god’s addiction to brevity

as heard
by the angel
of birth


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as such:

~shuteye in the land of the sacred commoner [& other poems]

reading from:

~MOON tattoo

reading from:



most recent reading:


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