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July 5, 2016 / barton smock


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my most recent self-published (Lulu) works are here-

shuteye in the land of the sacred commoner [& other poems]:



FOUR is a compilation of my last four works, and I am hosting a goodreads giveaway for it here:


please check out these poems recently published at FORAGE:
Three Poems by Barton Smock


some previous poems from my self-published works:


the feeling
we’d not
been here

doom’s little hiccup

my brother
dead serious
that we pronounce it




a newborn wants to be a hand.

there’s the dream I have of heaven
and the dream
god lets me

my boy
has a crow
for a backpack.


[domestic inquiries]

the sex of the first person in hell

the number of animals
giving birth
in a field
where emptiness

the logic of
if ax to tree, then scissors
to kite


[the explanation]

my brother the mud wrestler wants to know if we’re any closer to finding our father. I examine the droppings and say someone is feeding you in your sleep.



it’s a bit early
to be

son, this illness

it takes
our death

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