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June 15, 2016 / barton smock


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mine are here:

some poems from some recent publications:


what seashell does for ocean
my pillow

for hunger.

oh dream,

wiped out

is this
a stone

or the mating
of grief?



the power
came back on
the boy

I had my chance
to believe
in god.

the beetle was on its back
and the woman
to kill herself
a rowing

mother’s garden, father’s ladder.

a black cat
where nothing



church of intermission. church of the rolled-away church my fever follows. church of it ain’t a baby until it spits. church of the lawnmower left running. of the space you give the grieving horse. church of you when you die in my sleep. of musical suicides. church of the disinfected high chair. of the false bruise. of how to become a balloon in the church of touch.


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