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May 9, 2016 / barton smock


) Lulu is offering 30% off all print books with coupon code of LOSTSOCK30

my self published books are here:


) in April 2016, my first non self-published work, infant*cinema, appeared from Dink Press, and is here:


(below are some poems from my most recent self-published works…



two brothers come to blows over which sister likes fast food more. a man we want to love is shadowboxing a snowdrift from the parable of touch. blood is a food group. I pray to my hair. call my footwork by name. take my time

with amnesia.

baby facts include being born again in the museum you were carried to.



it’s a bit early
to be

son, this illness

it takes
our death



the boy
there shoving
up his nose

ask him
how many pills
his father
at gunpoint


the number

of clowns
the boy
has seen
give birth, one

to a thing




no longer
a god
the male
finds mother
to worship

I am
what I imagine


who the eyes

in Eden


[from the book of waiting]

what is it
in the mother’s

a flashback
is having.


[night, you]

that my father can sleep, god has me put a pea under the resting body of my disabled son. my three older children are sober enough to call my mother. my wife puts a gun to a head that’s not in the freezer. I jump rope thinking I might move into the land of plague my acre of miracle and find for snowfall the farm machine that once cleared lambs from the formlessness of habit. night, you.

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