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March 28, 2016 / barton smock


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my newest, MOON tattoo, is here:

some poems from the work, here:


there I was

lightweight, eyesore

baby satellite
and baby

dull witness

my hair

my person
the length
of a sandbox

a tooth, a commandment
from the past

of milk


it is easier now that I know I was never going to be a better person. if I once called poetry the grieving arm that ends in five short complaints, I am sorry. I watch my son lick the space on the table where he’ll put his cheek. it is not for me to believe he is a sign of warnings to come. the distant memory of his tongue is not mine to betray. I want to kiss you to the sound of god counting footfalls on a mountain path. for one, I have never been completely covered in bruises. also, I was in the spotlight when my mother was asked to describe a sponge. instead, she identified the break in the letter where a father changed pens and childhood as the longing of Eve.

[On suicide]

I was here long before you guessed my age

(our proverbial sister dons again the birthday suit of body language)

the dog won’t eat. might it know

we come from the family of sitting and dying?


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