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February 2, 2016 / barton smock


(on February 5th, I am planning to send hard copies of my newest publication ~earth is part earth and there’s a hole in the sound I made you from~ to those willing to read it and to those willing to either say something about it or keep quiet. if you are one of the first five individuals to send me a message with an address of where you’d like to receive it, I’ll include you as one of the individuals on the February 5th mailing.  requests can be made to

here are some poems from the book:

[from the book of waiting]

what is it
in the mother’s

a flashback
is having.


sex as something that has an end.

evidence of god
to beings
of proof.

I will offer that I had children
because I myself
could not
authority. post-harm

pick a word
you’ve heard
me say.

[trick blood]

the bottle takes what it can from the baby’s mouth. the stirring motion delivered to the hands of a misfit prophet. the knowledge of my father’s people that god is too old of a lover to get satan’s attention. the silence my mother kept quiet for. the second afterlife of a single breast.

[male music]

in the creek of tomato silence
where my father saw
what it was
could not eat
there lives
a tiny whale
by emptiness



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  1. Lord eBay / Feb 2 2016 6:56 pm
    I’d love to read it.

    • barton smock / Feb 2 2016 6:58 pm

      am sending hard copies to physical addresses. can make request to– thanks for the interest!

      • Lord eBay / Feb 2 2016 7:03 pm


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